Punch Urban Travel, dark grey

¥ 31,000 ¥ 21,700 21700.0 JPY

¥ 31,000


サイズ(cm):幅28 x 高43 x 奥行15.5
(W28 x H43 x 15.5)


• Fabric, 100% recycled PET
• Lining 100% recycled polyester
• Soft touch

重さ/Weight: 1100g

特徴: パソコン用ポケット, iPad用ポケット, ボトルホルダー, LEDライトパイピング、撥水性あり、USBコネクター付き
Special Features: Laptop pocket, iPad pocket, Bottle holder.

フチを飾っているパイピングが光ります。肩ひものタッチボタンでオン/オフ切替が可能。このシステムも、100%リサイクル素材を使用したUrban Traveller の大きな特徴のひとつです。
We don't want plastic waste to pollute the environment, that's why we make backpacks out of it! Our Urban Traveler is made from 100% recycled PET material and has all the properties to make it an ideal backpack: light, wrinkle-free, weatherproof and very durable. It can be recycled again and again and again. A functional all-rounder with integrated light piping that is also reflective - even when not turned on. (Powerbank is not included in the product)